Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fixing SD card error on HTC desire

I recently started getting problems with the SD card on my HTC Desire phone. A notifier saying that "The SD card has an unexpected problem ..." would pop up, and if I tried using the camera, an error message would display, saying that the the SD card was mounted as read-only.

After some googling I found that several others had a similar problem. After reading this post I tested running mounting the card in a card reader and running the dosfsck command, with syntax

dosfcsk -va /dev/sdb1

This executed without error, but after putting the card back in the phone, I found that the same error messages were still popping up. After reading this forum thread, I finally decided to back up the contents of the card, and reformat it to FAT32 it using GParted. Even if this is possibly a suboptimal solution, it fixed the problem, and I once again have a functioning phone.


Franklin South said...

what type of format did you use...?

Martin H. Skjelvareid said...

Sorry about the late response. I actually had to repeat the process today...! I used the FAT32 format, which I think was the format originally used when I received the phone. I've also edited the post to include this detail.

Xiaofeng Gao said...

I had the same problem ( unexpected problem...) just today for my HTC desire, I took out my SD card, and can read all content from my laptop.

does this mean my phone develop a problem?

any suggestion is more than welcome

Anonymous said...

Hi I have same problem as Geo, reads on pc, HTC does not read recognize SD card. Formatted card on PC, still phone will not recognize, what is next to try?

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a common problem. I wish I tried another card when my daughter first told me while stupid phone was under warranty. Instead I waited 2-3 months to buy a 32gb!
Both cards work fine in laptop but not phone. Resetting phone to factory settings did not help. software update perhaps HTC??
Either that or the pins on phone dont line up with card.. might have to try adjusting bracket to better line them up ?

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