Monday, 14 May 2012

Adjusting LaTeX margins to fit a wide figure

I'm currently writing my PhD thesis, trying to shape a number of scientific articles into a coherent whole. In this process, I've come across a problem: The PhD thesis format has a text width of 120mm, which is suitable for one-column text, but I sometimes want my figures to be wider than this. How can I adjust the margins of a page on a per-figure basis? The answer: The changepage package.

Include the package by adding this line to the preamble


... and use the \adjustwidth{leftmargin}{rightmargin} inside the figure environment, for example

        \caption{Wide figure}

In this example, both the left and right margins are reduced by 10 mm, making more room for the figure. The command also works with subfigures. 


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks !

Calvin Chan said...

Thanks Martin,

It seems like the figure is following the new margin, but the caption doesn't. Any suggestions? (I know this is a post from 2012, but let me know if you have any clue.)



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