Thursday, 26 August 2010

Remotely obtaining scientific articles through the university library

The library at my university (University of Tromsø) has access to electronic versions of a massive amount of scientific papers, for example through or IEEE Xplore. Anyone on the university network are granted automatic access to the papers on these sites. However, I spend most of my time outside the university network, and therefore I've had to find a way to remotely browse for papers with the library's access.

This could probably be done quite easily using VPN, but unfortunately, I cannot use VPN at my work place. However, the university has a remote desktop service which allows me to log on to a server at the university and use FireFox on that server to browse for papers. In Ubuntu, I use the Terminal Server Client (Applications -> Internet -> Terminal Server Client), enter the server name ( and my university user name and password to connect to the remote desktop (This site at UiO also explains how to do this).

Although the Terminal Server Client has an option for mapping the local drive to the remote server, I was not able to save articles back to my local home area. I'm suspecting that this is due to root access problems. However, I can save the articles to my "home area" on the university net, and transfer them afterwards using SFTP through the twin-panel file explorer Krusader. This site has a short how-to on this. Thus, I can log on to the file server of my university ( and transfer the articles to my local machine. A bit involved, but it works! :-)


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